In March 2022 the acquisition of our long-term partner Volkmann & Rossbach by the German company MEISER was finalized.

In this way, MEISER has become one of the largest manufacturers of road safety systems in Europe with many years of experience and representation in all its markets.

We are pleased to announce that on May 17, 2022, a meeting was held at the company's headquarters in Schmelz-Limbach Germany, attended by representatives of the management of KMV road safety systems and representatives of the management of MEISER.

At this meeting it was decided that our company will become the official partner of MEISER in Bulgaria and will produce and present the product range of road safety systems of the company on the Bulgarian market.

Thus, KMV road safety systems became part of the family of one of the largest companies in Europe, by expanding its production range with over ten new road safety systems. Thanks to the number of new products that, after the conclusion of the contract, KMV will be able to produce and import from Germany, the company will have the largest varietyof road safety systems on the Bulgarian market. In addition to the well-known at the Bulgarian market EASY RAIL systems, MEISER DOUBLE BEAM, MEISER TRIPLE BEAM and HBB/HLK families will be available.

We are glad that the efforts we make to secure large-scale important infrastructure projects in Bulgaria are appreciated by a world-class company.

We see the future partnership as an opportunity to bring advanced and more efficient road safety technologies to Bulgaria and as a commitment to continue with more confident steps in the direction we have taken.