The company is part of Kolchida Metal Group, founded in 1992 in the town of Pernik and specialized in the development, production and sale of metal constructions.

The own production base, equipped with modern specialized profiling and bending machines and welding equipment, allowed KMV to be the first manufacturer in Bulgaria of elastic protective fences with tri-wave profiled element.

The most efficient method for protecting metal structures from corrosion is hot galvanizing. Zinc coating prevents the metal from aggressive atmospheric conditions, thus preserving the integrity of the product and guaranteeing protection for more than 25 years. KMV Road Safety Systems has a hot-dip galvanizing line, which allows the processing of 60 tons per day in three-shift mode.

Deliveries and installation of the manufactured products are carried out with our own mechanization, which allows rapid reaction and short deadlines in the execution of the assigned objects.

KMV Road Safety Systems is a contractor of one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Bulgaria.

Significant projects: Lyulin Highway, Struma Highway - LOT 2 and LOT 4, Trakia Highway, Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd., Pirin National Park, etc.